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FG N-SIP : The Bloom of Hope by Kazeem Shuaib



Kazeem Shuaib

Faith spells hope and hope is man’s greatest feat. This perfectly describes a tale of every young and enterprising Nigerian who have in one way or the other benefited from the Federal Government Social Investment Programs [N-SIP].

The inception of Buhari-led team came with a whole lot of promises and an era of change which teeming youths hung on for hope.

The National Social Investment Program of the Nigerian Government is one not to overlook as it is one of the giant strides of the current administration – beyond mindfulness of good roads, good educational development, Anti Corruption scheme, power generation and supply which have been the core of this dispensation. It is also imperative that we always remind ourselves about hunger and poverty. If you value how an average Nigerian feed, and what the unemployed depend on, you will reckon with this great initiative.

This laudable landmark was established to address and tackle key and primeval issues affecting members of the public focusing mainly on hunger and poverty. NSIP has empowered over 1.6 million Nigerians consisting of mostly young persons.

The testimonies by people who are beneficiaries of this scheme have been put under the carpet but unlike the old programmes we have in which we only hear about but aren’t visible to us, the NSIP is on a different path. The effectiveness of this initiative is verifiable across every state and it has proven not to be a sham or fraud. Its credibility has been amplified by locals and N-Power Programme beneficiaries.

The year 2016 was one of those to witness a silver lining in the already gloomy sky of the country before this administration came to take on the reins of power with the inauguration of the National Social Investment Program (NSIP) under the office of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Prof. Yemi Osibanjo.

This initiative houses four different programmes namely

(1) The N-Power programme, (2) The conditional cash transfer programme (3) Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (4) The Home Grown School Feeding Programme.

These programmes under the NSIP focuses on ensuring a more equitable distribution of resources and relief materials in terms of food, cash and various much needed opportunities to vulnerable populations, which includes children, youth and women.

N-Power is one patterned to assist and encourage young and vivacious Nigerians between the ages of 18-35 to accrue and harness lifelong vocational and entrepreneurial skillsets for becoming national and global game changers in all spheres of development and supported with a stipend of 30 thousand naira monthly.

N-Power programme had over 200,000 graduate beneficiaries already that were deployed as teachers, agriculture extension workers as well as health extension workers.

The Home Grown School Feeding Programme is also one that aims to deliver feeding to young school children with a peculiar focus on increasing school enrolment, reducing the incidence of malnutrition especially among the poor and those unable to afford a meal a day.

By this it does mean every community has been empowered with women as cooks and supporting small scale farmers to help induce economic growth and development.

The government has put in a cognizant and conscious effort in ensuring that these programmes are fully funded to their optimal capacity thereby achieving its aims and objectives of setting Nigeria on the path of enhanced entrepreneurial, technological, innovative and agricultural development for sustainable growth.

No fewer than 6.8million Nigerians out of the projected 10million have benefitted from this programme thus having a success rate of 70% since the implementation of the programme.

With the aforementioned, you will agree with me that the federal government NSIP isn’t one to be political about but to commend on the massive effort put into achieving it.

It did take many by surprise, when the senate minority leader, Sen Godswill Akpabio in May 2017 commended the Federal Government for restoring hope in the lives of ordinary Nigerians with these great investment programmes.

Devoid of politics, this is one laudable initiative that must be sustained and consolidated on.

This article is in commemoration of the wide celebrations on the newly selected beneficiaries accrosed states being dispatched from August 1st 2019.

Kazeem Shuaib is a media strategist and public affairs analyst. Tweets @ibn_qazeem

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