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NASS Invasion: The Impunity Chicken Came Home To Roost Once Again



Masked SSS operatives at the National Assembly
Masked SSS operatives at the National Assembly

Masked SSS operatives at the National Assembly

In all the shitstorm surrounding the NASS invasion by men of the SSS, nobody had bothered to point out that this is one instance where we can boldly say the chicken had come home to roost. Specifically, this ‘chicken’ is labeled ‘lack of respect for the laws and constitution of the country.

Don’t you find it amazing that the only time a politician shouts about respect for the ‘rule of law’‘due process’, and all that, is when they are at the receiving end of injustice or when they want to use their considerable wealth to subvert the law?

It happens again and again. And God help us if the politician controls the police. They are definitely not going to abide by the decision of any court in the land if it goes against their wishes.

They know they can break our laws with impunity and get away with it. They know they can manipulate our judiciary, bribe law officers and get favorable decisions.

They have done it consistently in the past, and that is why we are where they are at the moment. In Nigeria, if you abide by the law, you would never make it in politics.

The NASS invasion was possible because the perpetrators knew nothing was going to happen to them after the storm had calmed down.

In the first place, for whatever reason, sending masked men to cordon off the National Assembly was illegal. That enough is enough to impeach the President if he were the one who ordered it.

Good thing the SSS head Lawal Daura was sacked by Vice President Yomi Osinbajo. Clearly, Daura didn’t see that coming because, according to the rules by which politicians play, nobody gets sacked for breaking the law.

Remember, when a similar thing happened in November 2014, nobody lost their job. Lawal Daura felt he could get away with it too.

This disregard for laid down laws by the politicians is mostly at the heart of our problems as a nation.

Stay with me for as I attempt to explain why the NASS invasion charade was a huge farce and why the PDP were scrambling around trying to make political capital out of it.

First, according to the rules, the Senate President can only be removed by majority two-thirds members of the Senate.

The APC simply don’t have that many senators. Even among their ranks, several senators won’t support the removal of Saraki. So the idea of removing the Senate President legally is well-nigh impossible.

We remember how the Dino Melaye recall process failed. Dino had fought tirelessly to stop something that was constitutional. In the end, it was the constitution he was trying to subvert that even saved him.

Again, the National Assembly is on a break. Only the Senate President, since he is not incapacitated, can cut short the break and ask members to resume.

So why in heavens name did Nigerians whip up a frenzy over the rumored impeachment of Saraki when the numbers and the laws were stacked heavily against the APC?

And most importantly, why were PDP lawmakers and politicians running helter-skelter trying to presumably stop a fathom impeachment of the Senate President.

These were people that supposedly know the Constitution and the laws of the land. So they must know anything done by APC lawmakers would not stand up in court.

The simple answer is, they know illegality rules in Nigeria. Most of them are the main beneficiaries of the system.

This is country where governors have been impeached by a minority of lawmakers. This is a country where a President can unashamedly withhold the monthly allocation of a state thereby defying the Supreme Court.

There are so many instances of stuff like this in Nigeria.

The politicians created this impunity monster. They have tamed the monster to do their bidding against the laws of Nigeria. The NASS invasion was just one of such instances.

The PDP lawmakers knew they couldn’t depend on the laws to protect them. This is the system they have bequeathed to us ordinary Nigerians.

Sadly, we the masses have fallen in line and have accepted it as the status quo. We even help our political gladiators fight their illegal battles.

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