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Rep Goodhead Boma The Unlikely Heroine In Battle For Soul Of Democracy



Goodhead Boma decimating a masked security operative with her tongue
Goodhead Boma decimating a masked security operative with her tongue

Goodhead Boma decimating a masked security operative with her tongue

Since last week, the dominant political story in Nigeria News and all major news outlets in Nigeria have been about whether Saraki should remain as leader of the National Assembly following the acrimonious but not unexpected defection of several ruling party lawmakers to the opposition PDP

That issue alone has spawned several conspiracy theories. There are tales of planned arrest and assassinations. Humongous sums are doing the rounds as bribes to lawmakers on both sides of the divide to toe a particular line.

One story that persisted was the planned impeachment of Senate President Saraki. The plan was simple according to peddlers of the rumor: APC senators, with the aid of the executive, would convene a secret session to impeach Saraki.

So far, it was just talk; until today.

Nigerians woke up to the news that the country’s secret police, the SSS, had surrounded the National Assembly and were preventing people from getting in.

Alarms bells rang everywhere. Senators all made a dash to the National Assembly to forestall what was now clearly an attempt to remove Saraki.

They were stopped from getting in at first.

It is in moments like this that heroes are born. The heroes themselves perhaps had no inkling of the fact they were about to make history as they instinctively stand up for justice and defy oppressors to do their worse.

In a video that has gone viral, Honourable Goodhead Dokubo Boma is seen standing toe to toe to with masked security men and daring them to shoot her. She had a lot to say about the current administration, democracy, and oppression in Nigeria today.

The words coming out of her mouth were spat out in a staccato rhythm like an Ak47. Each word was like a bullet hitting the target square and true. You could imagine the masked man wishing he was anywhere but there as Boma made him look impotent.

And to make it worse, all the onlookers had their phones out. There were dozens filming this auspicious moment. The security personnel were simply out of their league and it showed.

Honourable Goodhead Dokubo Boma might just emerge as the undisputed heroine of democracy if she keeps this up.

Who is Honorable Goodhead Dokubo Boma?

It is a shame that, apart from the people of Asalga/Akulga constituency in River State and her colleagues, not many people in Nigeria had heard of this Amazon from the Niger Delta. Was she content to ‘chop quietly‘ until today?

She is a first time House of Representatives member who was elected 2016 to represent her constituency.

Since her victory at the polls two years ago, the most notable news linked to her was in the case of Ese Oruru. Ese was just 13 when she ‘eloped’ with Yunusa Dahiru in August 2015.

Dahiru, who was 17 years at the time, took her to Kano, converted her to Islam and married her without the consent of her parents.

This was a crime according to the laws of Nigeria considering the age of the girl. The country-wide uproar generated by that despicable act was enough to make the authorities wade in. Ese was freed some months later and Yunusa arrested and charged to court.

The case is still pending though Yunusa is out on bail.

Representative Boma inserted herself into the story when she paid a solidarity visit to the family of the girl in Yenogoa, Bayelsa State, in March 2016.

Her biggest claim to fame though is that her brother is Asari Dokubo. If you don’t know this numero uno ex-militant, you sure must have been living in a cave.

It is reasonable to assume she was able to win her seat in NASS with lots of help from him. That is normal in Nigeria; after all, several political big guns in Nigeria today got relevance from their parent’s influence.

Getting her facts correct

No matter her antecedents or dodgy connections, Nigeria needs people like Boma in the political landscape. Her eloquence is refreshing and it is high time the women stood in the front line in the age of feminism.

However, she needs to get her facts and history straightened out if she wants to be in the limelight more often.

It is no use been a leader if your utterances are capable of outing you as a historical revisionist twisting facts to suit your agenda.

She claimed in her justifiable rant at the terrified looking SSS operatives that if Goodluck Jonathan had done something like this, Buhari wouldn’t have been in power.

Come on Boma, the administration of Goodluck Jonathan did exactly the same thing. I can bet the last naira of my pitiable salary that the people who orchestrated what happened today borrowed the plot from the last administration.

Thursday, the 20th of November 2014, was the day and date. Security agencies barricaded the National Assembly to prevent Speaker Tambuwal from gaining access.

He and a number of lawmakers had only just defected to the opposition APC. Reports at that time claimed the plan was to impeach him.

Several canisters of tear gas were used on that day to disperse legislators who wanted to gain entry in spite of the fierce-looking, gun-wielding men blocking their path.

We all remember the iconic images of federal legislators scaling the fence of NASS to enter the assembly chamber.

Honourable Boma, Nigerians are rooting for you. But don’t distort facts. You don’t need that to be the heroine the people need.

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